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9x9 Sudoku
for kids
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Easy sudoku toplist

July 2024.
1 nittyke
1:14 (12-07)
2 gerry
4:32 (07-07)
3 marguerite
5:29 (05-07)
4 margie
6:07 (14-07)
5 wendy
6:49 (10-07)
6 jeannine
7:01 (16-07)
7 carroll
7:04 (13-07)
8 anne
7:34 (09-07)
9 wayne
7:52 (12-07)
10 sharon
8:04 (04-07)


Easy Sudoku

Are you a good Sudoku player? Here, you can compete with others from the easiest to the hardest level. You can measure yourself on controlled, quality boards. Multiple accurate server-side controls ensure the purity of Sudoku competition.

Get a better time than the tenth place, and you can write your name on the list. Of course, this is not mandatory. You can use your email address to retrieve or delete your information. We do not send advertisements or pass them on to third parties. We launch a new list at the beginning of each month. In this case, all data of all subscribers will be deleted. It is a fun gaming site. If you find inappropriate or offensive content, you can report it to me by clicking the feedback button below the list.

If this is your first time playing Sudoku, you can learn how to play on the 'Sudoku rules' page. You can practice on the 'Sudoku for kids' page, which gives you a 4x4 board. We recommend this easy Sudoku for beginners, kids, and those looking for a light brain exercise!

If you don't want to measure time, you can turn it off with the small "x" next to the clock. You can adjust the size of the sudoku board by selecting small, medium, or large. When you have filled in all the fields, press the "I'm ready" button! It will allow you to check that you have worked well. Pressing the "new game" button will clear the numbers you have entered so far and give you a new board.

You may also use printable sudoku boards for practice. It is under 'Printable sudoku'. You may print 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 sudoku boards on one A4 sheet. You can also select the difficulty level one by one.

We have a 9x9 regular sudoku solver. You should use this if you have started filling out a sudoku puzzle elsewhere and you cannot continue. In this case, copy the given numbers into the appropriate place in the sudoku solver. The solver shows only one possible solution. There are sudoku boards that may have several solutions.

This sudoku online game is free and runs on your smartphone. Recommended for travellers on public transport, for those who are waiting or just needing headwork or just solve logical puzzles, and for those who need culturally useful developer fun.